Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding has groom’s lucky no ‘8’ connection: Report – Times of India

Next Wednesday, all eyes will be on RK Bungalow in Chembur as Ranbir Kapoor Finally he falls in love with his lady Alia Bhatt.

While various reports have been making the rounds, Etims has learned that preparations are in full swing to begin the wedding festivities from April 13 to 14 as per Punjabi tradition. While the bride and groom keep Mom on the subject, tabloids report that the couple will tie the knot on April 16 or 17.

A new report on indicates that the couple will drown in the early hours of the morning. claims that t. K. Alia will get married between 2-4 am as husband and wife at dawn.

The report also claims that there is numerology at play with this. The date is April 16, 2022, when interestingly summed up, the numbers sum up to Kapoor’s lucky number ‘8’ (16 + 4 + 2022 = 2042. In turn 2042 can be calculated as 2 + 0 + 4 + 2 = 8).

The festivities are expected to start with a mehndi ceremony, followed by a wedding, and then weddings.

Amid rumors that the couple was heading out of town for a wedding with family only, a source told ETimes, “Family means the world to the Kapoors. He is probably the last Shadi Kapoor of this generation, which is why they wanted to keep her close to her roots.”

Besides seeing some familiar faces from the Kapoor families, it was also reported Vicky Kaushal And the Katrina KaifAnd the Ranveer Singh And the deepika It is also likely that they will be invited to the intimate wedding.

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