Lock Upp: Poonam Says Payal ‘Is Beautiful’; Latter Has Fierce Verbal Spat with Mandana Karimi

Kangana Ranaut’s reality show has become the talk of the town, due to brawls between celebrity contestants. While fights are very common on the show, in the final episode of Lock Upp we see words of praise coming from player to player, which is pretty rare. In a video posted by Alt Balaji on their official Instagram account, Munwar Faruki and Poonam Pandey are seen speaking words of love to Payal Rohatgi, who has always been in the news at home as she spoke her mind.

In the video, the prisoners, including Munwar, Poonam, Anjali Arora and Ali Merchant are seen sitting together during a small chat session. Poonam Munnavar, Anjali and Ali ask, “Shall I put on a little eye makeup? Mira’s tired face lagta raha hai kya? Ali and Munnavar laughed at this. They say these questions are wrong.” Because you don’t look tired. She looks prettier than Poonam.” Poonam agrees, “Payal is very beautiful.”

In another video, Mandana Karimi is shown engaging in a word fight at home. The battle begins when Payal returns from yoga and tells her fellow prisoners, “I was doing yoga, so she tells from inside her blanket that while doing yoga, I died.”

For this, Mandana says that she did not say this and that her Hindi is not. Then Payal says “The thought is on his knees. You are an uneducated woman Mandana Karimi. Then Mandana approaches Payal who Payal says to her “Now she is coming to me. How can she say to me like this “You only eat and you are the filth of this prison”.

Payal replies angrily, “I left the show and came back, why did you come back?” Amidst all this, Shivam Sharma is seen enjoying the verbal altercation between the two as he says, “Good show”.

Now, viewers will have to wait to see what form the feud between Mandana and Payal will take next.

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