Moon Knight Ep 2 Review: Steven Grant Summons ‘The Suit’ to Become Mr Knight in One of Marvel’s Best Works

Stephen Grant faces the consequences of the fight in the final episode, as his egotist late Mark Spencer takes over to fight Egyptian creatures sent by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). While it is still unknown who Spencer is and how to control him, he investigates and discovers a storeroom with his hidden weapons. His partner, Layla, arrives and misses Grant for Spencer.

The second episode of Marvel’s Moon Knight, with Oscar Isaac playing the double role of Mark, and Stephen taking his time to set the tempo for upcoming episodes. Slightly low on the action quotient, the episode makes up for it with suspense surrounding Egyptian deities, an introduction to Lily and the ongoing struggle between Mark and Stephen.

The episode begins with Grant being fired from his job at the museum after the fight that happened the night before. Returning to his apartment, he finds a hidden phone and a key that leads him to Mark’s lair, where he finds his arsenal. On Mark’s phone, he also noticed several calls and messages from a lady named Lily. Despite Mark’s warnings, he tries to file a complaint with the authorities about illegally hiding weapons.

Through his reflection, Mark reveals to Stephen that he is the avatar of the Egyptian god Khuncho and those who serve him, do justice to the underdog.

Unwilling to listen to Mark, he runs away with his bag but Khuncho chases after him. While running through the streets, he bumps into Laila, who recognizes him as Mark and calls him her wife.

Grant tries to convince her that he doesn’t know about Mark, but Layla finds it hard to believe. Turns out the pair were fighting side by side for Koncho. In his apartment, he finds Mark’s briefcase and discovers a golden scarab that leads to Amit’s grave and hides with it when he is interrupted by FBI agents who are later revealed to be Harrow’s.

However, Harrow decided to show him around and introduce him to his sect. He learns about Amit and her way of achieving justice – to kill someone before they even commit a crime so that the crime can be avoided at all costs. Grant, of course, does not agree with his ideology and tries to reason with him. However, Laila arrives with a scarab and the duo escapes. Unable to hold them back, Layla urges Stephen to summon the suit. He didn’t let Mark take over and had no idea what the suit was, so he used his imagination and summoned his version of the superhero costume and we witness Mr. Knight, Stephen Grant’s version of Koncho’s avatar.

The last episode gave viewers a glimpse of the Moon Knight but in the second episode, we see Mr. Knight. The traditional ceremonial armor from Khosenho Temple has been replaced with an elegant suit and Grant takes the wicked in his own style.

Although the action scenes failed to make an impact, they had a distinctly Marvel sense of humor. Grant threw some punches along with some hilarious hitting lines. However, despite all the struggle, Harrow managed to escape with the scarab. The episode ends with Mark explaining to Grant that he must protect Layla while Koncho plans to make her the next avatar. The two men land in Egypt to find Harrow before he finds Amit.

With Moon Knight, Marvel is going a more inclusive path and bringing in more diverse characters from the comics. Although the second episode couldn’t match the standard set by the first, it had its moments and highlights, one of the most important being the episode’s background score and ending song.

Another major component of the series is Stephen’s Dissociative Personality Disorder because, as viewers, it becomes difficult to understand whether we are looking at the ultimate truth or Stephen’s version of it. We are in the dark as much as our hero and the answer to the above question you will only know in the upcoming episodes.

Directed by Mohamed Diab, Moon Knight is broadcast on Disney + Hotstar.

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