Trolls attacking Twinkle Khanna’s ‘Nail Files’ comment need to sign up for lessons in wit! – Times of India

flash Khanna is known for her “satirical stories” and “funny fables” in her weekly column in the Times of India. This week, her scandalous line about the hugely successful “Kashmir Files” has outraged naysayers who act brutally with their words. Those offended by her alleged insensitive comments, we feel a lesson in humor and wit is essential to all of those opinion.

Take a look at some of the attacks Twinkle has received on social media.

troll attack 1


“Akshaykumar finances your expenses in small parties. Perhaps all patriotic Indians will end up with access to this source of funding. Pandey*fails. Akki Do you listen as we love you? Seriously fine Body Thick Karo Aki

Are women all about kitty parties and withdrawing money from their husbands? Do women not have the right to have an opinion? Your thoughts are covered with patriarchy, not patriotism! All we can say is, please throw your hate into the next container you find and hope Akki listens intently, as he definitely won’t take a reference to Twinkle as “Body”.

Troll Attack 2


Is it coz #KashmirFiles I ate at Bachchan Pandey. You are embarrassed. If this happens to you and your family, only people like you will understand.”

Akshay Kumar He boldly accepted the defeat of “Bachchan Pandey”, which fell before the “Kashmir Files”. And for those who did not understand the comment, let’s make it clear, Twinkle did not resort to criticizing the film but rather did a search for all those directors rushing to score some “files” and relying on success from the “Kashmir Files”! We suggest you buy a book on understanding the workings of cinema.

Troll Attack 3


“We can understand your pressure! You really need work to do, when people are unemployed, they do such things.. Uncle Demag Demon Kager”

Dear dwarf, while you seem to understand the pressures of the stars, do you also know the fears of a mother? Wife responsibilities? Duties of a professional worker? As aptly quoted, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, we suggest you take a good look in the mirror and say it out loud again!

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