Shining With The Sharmas: Neha Sharma, Sister Aisha Set To Debut In Kardashians-style Series

Neha Sharma keeps her fans interested by dropping hints about “something special” and sexy on her social media. The Crook actress recently revealed that she was teasing her about the upcoming OTT series Shining With The Sharmas. The unscripted special will be similar to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show. The duo created short-format content from their personal lives for a platform called SocialSwag.

The actress took to Instagram on Wednesday and dropped a special poster for the show that featured the two sisters’ twins in beige coats. We see Neha looking charming, posing with her smiling sister. They also had the glowing display logo on top of the background in the photo.

Taking the comments, she wrote, “Here we go @aishasharma25 💕 #shiningwiththesharmas goes live in June on socialswagworld. I can’t calm down and you let me know in the comments below.. Watch this space for more details.. Stay tuned.

Aisha expressed her nervousness about the show in the comments section, writing, “I can’t handle this.”

Expressing their enthusiasm for the upcoming project, Neha Sharma fans took to the comments section where they dropped their hearts, released the feelings and poured love on their favorite actress.

Earlier, she teased her fans about the upcoming project by sharing a post on Instagram. She wrote, “I can’t even explain how happy I am to share this with you guys. Something very special I created with Aisha @aishasharma25 and an amazing team that made it come alive. Coming in June. Stay tuned. 💕 #shiningwiththesharmas.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Neha will next appear in Jujira Sara Ra with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. In a conversation with, the Chiruti actress revealed, there have been times when her roles were cut short or they weren’t part of the movie’s success, despite being a big part of it. She said, “I’ve had times when my role was cut short, or I wasn’t even a part of the movie’s success event even though I was such a big part of it. These things are an integral part of this industry. There is a fragile ego and you can’t make everyone happy. If you do things On your own terms, without compromise, life is not easy, industry is not easy, but you have to do what you want.

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