In Mazhi Tuzhi Reshmighaath, Yash, Neha To Get Engaged?

Popular Marathi TV show Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgath, which is currently broadcasting on Zee Marathi, is all set for a new feature. After the sufferings and tribulations in the love story of main couple Yashwardhan and Neha, the show is hugely popular among the viewers and keeps them entertained at every turn.

Now, to keep the hype alive, it looks like the software makers will soon introduce a new development. An image shared on Instagram by a user named TRP Marathi shows the main show crew with a Marathi caption along with “💍❤️”.

Pictured is Yashwardhan and Neha with Pari in traditional attire. The photo sparked speculation among fans and is currently spreading on the Internet. Judging from the image and the emoji used in the caption, it is expected that the two’s engagement is finally on the cards.

The photo caused an uproar among viewers of the show. Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgath has become popular among the masses in a short span. The on-screen chemistry between Yash and Neha is a favorite among viewers.

Apart from Yash and Neha, the character of Pari Kamat, daughter of Yash and Neha, is highly regarded by the audience. The role was played by Mira Vaikul, who also has a separate fan base.

Since Yash and Neha have confessed their love for each other, their love trajectory has made the show one of the most interesting. Pari also accepted Yash as her father and also agreed to the marriage.

Amid all this, the public is now eagerly awaiting the wedding of the two.

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