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Singer Rubankar Bagchi faced social media outrage after his allegedly disrespectful comments on the singer K Which came just a few hours before the tragic demise of KK in Kolkata.

The 53-year-old famous singer died hours after his live performance in Kolkata Nazrul Mancha Lecture hall. The hype surrounding the KK party became the talk of the town before his visit to Kolkata and the intense excitement among music lovers and KK fans in Kolkata reached an all-time high when the show was confirmed.

The controversy started after Rubankar Facebook Live Tuesday afternoon video. The famous singer made some harsh comments about KK hours before the concert. The singer was not happy because the Bengalis showed much excitement to a singer from Mumbai. He claimed in the video that these days Bengali artists are not getting the recognition they deserve. He even said, “Who is KK, man” and also insisted that he and many other Bengali artists can sing better than KK. “Why all the excitement about the KK party? Why all the obsession with Mumbai,” he asked questions like these in his live video.

Check out the video posted here.

Rupankar’s comments did not go well with KK fans and after the singer’s tragic passing just a few hours later, rupankar Subject to strict scrutiny. Some have even claimed that it was Rupankar’s curse that took KK’s life. Most of the comments claimed that it is shameful to see a respected artist like Rupankar not knowing how to respect his fellow artist.

However, in the evening, Rupankar tried to clarify his position while speaking to the media. He said his post had been misinterpreted and had no intention of questioning KK’s skills. He was simply wondering about people’s lack of interest in Bengali art and culture.

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