Demands Rise in Tamil Nadu to Regulate Film Ticket Pricing Like Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh government has announced that movie ticket sales in the state will be limited to government websites. Only 2% of the ticket price will be charged as a transaction fee for each online reservation, which will benefit moviegoers and the government alike. The sale of movie tickets will be carried out entirely online.

Demand for a similar regulation is gaining momentum in Tamil Nadu. The government is required to come forward and organize the sale and reservation of theater tickets as in Andhra Pradesh.

movie tickets in India Reservations can be made through online platforms such as BookMyShow and Paytm. For this service, these companies ask for Rs 35 per ticket along with GST. According to the journalist Bismillah, this is looting of people’s money.

Bismillah suggested that to prevent this, the Tamil Nadu government should implement a policy to control movie ticket prices like Andhra Pradesh.

According to reports, online ticketing platforms have earned around Rs 130 crore from the movies.

Online booking companies charge a service fee for each ticket, even if you book more than one ticket in the transaction. Producer Ji Dananjian said government intervention could change it.

“They should only charge a one-time service fee when they book 2-3 tickets, not per ticket. Government regulations are necessary to reduce the amount of service fee or set the fee based on percentage when booking the same specific ticket,” Dananjian said.

If theaters in Tamil Nadu were fully computerized, tax revenue for the government would also increase, according to producer Dhananjayan. “For this plan to be implemented, all theaters in the state must be computerized and ticket sales must be regulated,” he added.

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