Kim Kardashian reportedly damaged Marilyn Monroe’s $4.8 million Met Gala dress; fans say ‘this is CRIMINAL’ – Times of India

$4.8 Million Marilyn Monroe dress it Kim kardashian The one she wore to the 2022 Met Gala has been irreparably damaged in the new set of photos posted online.

Although the reality star wore the iconic dress of her peach on the red carpet, before she turned into a replica, new photos shared by The Marilyn Monroe Collection It showed that the dress had suffered severe damage due to falling crystals, various splits near the zipper and cuts of transparent materials.

Since the post went viral, fans and other Twitter users have criticized the actress for damaging the “Hollywood history” piece. Another said: “The truth is that Kim Kardashian gets away with it, that’s a crime.”

“It feels illegal,” another said.

Monroe famously sang “Happy Birthday” to the president John F. Kennedy in the dress.

Others went to the comments section of Kim’s personal Twitter account to say, “Did you see what I did?”

Dress experts, including the original graphic designer Bob McKeeThey expressed their concern about Kim’s wearing the party dress. Mackie, who drew the outline of the original dress, believes the dress is part of the film’s fashion history and should be preserved as such.

“I thought it was a huge mistake,” Mackie told EW while previewing Turner Classic Movies’ new costumes for the “Follow the Thread” movie series.

Mackie was only 23 years old when he sketched out the dress without a clue about the future of making history.

“(Marilyn) was a goddess. Crazy goddess, but she’s a goddess. She was gorgeous. No one has ever taken pictures like this. It was done for her. It was designed for her. No one else should have seen in that dress,” he said.

Mackey also echoed historians’ fears that wearing the garment was detrimental to its preservation and structural integrity.

“There are all the issues with the actual preservation of the dress and things like oxygen that can affect the dress. Typically, these clothes are kept a lot in controlled environments and we see that with the Met. The Costume Institute is very keen on how you approach these historical elements. Worryingly, she was able to wear it. I personally wish she was wearing a replica instead of the real thing,” Malone said.

Ripley’s paid $4.8 million at auction to purchase the dress as part of her collection.

Kim was originally refused to use the dress, by RipleyFinally he said yes.

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