Anupamaa: As Shah Family Suffers Humiliation, MaAn Fans Call It ‘Karma’ and Dig Out Old Videos

In the last episode of Anupamaa, we saw Anupama take a stand for the Shah family and criticize Barkha’s friend. It all started after Babuji burped at a housewarming party after which Barkha’s friend insulted him and called him ‘disgusting’. When Vanraj jumped, Parkha asked him not to misbehave with her guest. Soon, Vanraj got into a heated argument with Ankush as well on the same matter.

When Anupama noticed all this, she slammed Barkha’s friend for insulting and misbehaving her family members. Anupama went on to say that Barkha’s friend had never learned to respect elders. She also asked her to apologize to Babuji and Anuj Kapadia also supported her. And once again this angered Barkha. On the other hand, Ba also expressed his disappointment and said that they were humiliated at Kapadia Residence. Shah’s family members left the job without eating.

After the episode, several people circulated on social media and claimed that the humiliation of the Shah’s family was “karma”. MaAn fans shared old clips of Baa insulting Anuj Kapadia or GK and talked about how her medicine tastes right now. “KARMA is not age or time proof, and it will hit you hard one day. Today, Babuji suffered humiliation, but the whole family was in the same pain,” read one of the tweets.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa has been ruling TRP schemes for over a year now. The show stars Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Nidhi Shah, and Paras Kalnawat among others. It is broadcast on Star Plus.

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