Yumi’s Cells 2: GoT7’s Jinyoung, Kim Go-eun Discuss ‘Indian Curry’ and Our Desi Hearts Couldn’t Handle It

Yumi’s Cells 2 premiered last week and the love cell couldn’t help but fly! The new season saw the return of Kim Go-eun as Kim Yumi while GoT 7’s Jinyoung plays his love interest. The first two episodes not only met expectations but left our hearts screaming for India’s nod.

Before we begin, a warning: spoilers ahead.

Therefore, the first two episodes featured Yoo Ba Bi (Jinyoung) confessing his love for Yumi but she rejects him because she doesn’t feel the same for him. However, the regret starts to seep in when you notice the little things you do for her – ask if she ate, make sure she’s okay – and get jealous when he talks to other likely interested women.

In the second episode, Yumi simply decides to “crash him” in the garden. Yumi is fully aware that he has come down to the park to exercise, and she wears a little for her run. However, I was disappointed that he did not show up to the venue. Heartbroken, makes her way to the grocery store and decides to stock up on it for the week.

She walks into a section of curry when she bumps into my bae. Yumi is standing in the corridor with a curry packet in her hand and Ba Bi asks what curry packet she is carrying. Yumi reveals that she picks up a box of Indian vegetable curry.

“Is this curry good? Tell her by me. She replied “Yes, if you like traditional Indian food”. Ba Bi thinks if he should try too. Is a traditional Indian dish different? Is it difficult to do this? He asked. “It’s the same (Korean curry),” she explains. “What about the other ingredients? Can I put the same things in?” he asked. “If you have fresh cream, it will be fine,” she told him.

How do we wish Jin Young and Kim Go Eun would come India And try an Indian curry here one day!

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