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After entertaining fans with releases like Sunflower andSharniMukul Chadda is willing to share screen space with his wife, actress Rasika Dougal For the first time in a feature film entitled “fairy folkThe movie was recently shown in Sydney Film Festival. ETimes met with the actor for an exclusive interview where he talked about the film’s improvisational style, working with Rasika, and his upcoming projects. excerpts…

“Fairy Folk” was screened at the prestigious Sydney Film Festival! How do you feel about it?
It feels so great to take our film and show it to the world. It is an honor to be chosen to be shown at this festival. So I am happy with both.

Tell us something about the movie
The film has a bit of an awkwardness thrown into ordinary life, and explores the reaction of the two. A sexless creature enters the lives of a Mumbai couple, and the film explores how he alters them and alters the relationships around them. It is a wonderful experience about love, sex and desire created by this new device. It’s funny, it’s emotional, and it’s crazy.


This is the first feature film where you will work with your wife Rasika. How would you describe her as a co-star?
Rasika is a great actor. It is very easy to work with her as a co-actor because she is very qualified and very tender. There is a lot of trust and respect we have towards each other as we work with each other, which makes things easy and comfortable.

Did you experience a difference of opinion with Rasika on the set? If yes, how did you deal with it?
There are often differences in opinions between an actor and a director; They are rarely (and should never be) among the cast. We never had a problem with this. Especially in this movie because it was shot in an improvisational style. There was no written dialogue and the actors created it as they walked. So it was important to be in the moment and react to the circumstances and the parties involved, no matter what they did. In such a form, it is difficult to have a difference of opinion with the participating actors. You have to trust each other and go with the flow.

Mohit and Ritika 1

The movie was shot in a very different way. How was your experience?
I really enjoyed this improvisational approach to photography. Although I’ve done a lot of stage improvement over the years, it was still a bit difficult at first to get used to this style of work. But once in, it was a great experience for the cast. It felt a lot like theater – there were long runs (one up to 25 minutes!), no signs to hit it, and we were free to move around in space or even leave the frame if we wanted to. Basically, we just had to be honest for a moment, and act accordingly. Really amazing.

How was the scene on the set with other stars like? Did you guys enjoy shooting?
It was very fun to work this way. As I mentioned, although it took a while to get used to this style of filmmaking, it was a lot of fun once we made our strides. One simply had to trust the actors involved a lot more, and let the scene develop naturally. There were a lot of unplanned things that appeared in the scenes that surprised us all. I really hope to create more projects this way.

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One performance by Rasika in a movie or series that you think was unusual…
It must be between “Hamid”, “Manto” and “Qais”.

What’s Next?
I’ll move on to a web series right after this which is based on an American show. “Sunflower Season 2” follows next. There is also ‘Rana Naidu’, ‘Dhoom Dhaam’ and ‘Made in Heaven Season 2’ all of which hopefully come out later this year. And “Fairy Folk” of course!

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