Kangana Ranaut comes in support of Agnipath scheme, says, ‘Shocking percentage of youth that’s getting destroyed in drugs and PUBg needs these reforms’ – Times of India

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut On Saturday, she expressed her support for the new foreigners Scheme for recruitment in armed She said she “appreciates the government for taking these initiatives.”

The ‘dcadThe actor posted a story on it Instagram Today’s account wrote: “Many countries like Israel have made army training mandatory for all their youth, few years everyone gives the army to learn life values ​​like discipline, nationalism and what it means to protect your country’s borders, #agneepathscheme has deeper meanings than just getting jobs, work or making money. ..”

Kangana, who was a staunch supporter of the BJP-led central government, compared the newly launched Agnipath scheme to the scheme of the selection process for traditional Gurukul systems.

“In the old days everyone would go to gorokul and it was almost like they got paid to do it, shocking percentage of young people ruined with drugs and PUBg needs these reforms… We appreciate the government for taking these initiatives,” Kangana added.

Kangana Ranaut's Instagram story

On June 14, the Center introduced the new Agnipath scheme for recruitment into the three branches of the armed forces, on a short-term basis. Violent protests were seen across the country against the scheme with indian army Aspirants have been protesting in several states against the scheme which proposes appointing individuals to a four-year term in the armed forces, followed by the mandatory retirement of at least 75 percent of them without any pension benefits.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Kangana Ranaut will appear in the movie “Tejas”, where she portrays the role of an Indian Air Force officer. The film will be released later this year.

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