BTS’ RM says it’s time to move beyond ‘astonishing people’ and rethink about what kind of messages the band can send out – Times of India

BTS’ recent announcement of their hiatus Festival 2022 They left their fans around the world in a worried panic about their comeback. It turns out that the whole thing was a misinterpretation of their message and that the band didn’t stop indefinitely. The BTS The band members said they’ve hit a rough patch and are trying to find themselves. After the breakup, RM and Jung Kook Clean the air and in a recent interview on reverseRM has clarified their position further.

Noting that he needed to “make a move” for a minute, RM said, “I think this way I’ll know what the work I’m doing now means to me and what it means to me. So now I worry if I’m just doing the things I’ve been given and if I’m losing myself in some way. It was never my intention to live feeling this way, wanting to live an independent and active life, but now I’m starting to wonder if I’m living so negatively because of the pandemic, which is unbearable. This includes how I felt in my Grammys, and I think I hit some kind of wall.”

BTS gave an amazing performance at the Grammys and left the audience stunned with ‘Butter’. Talking about the same RM said, “We need a message so we can be sure and emphasize our image as well. I think our ‘butter’ performance at the Grammy Awards stunned people. It was unique. I think it’s time for us to go beyond stunning. people and we’re thinking again what kind of messages we can send to people now.I had time to think about the hotel during our concert in Las Vegas: what should I do, what should I say…so I think now I need to focus and take a look Get the clues that are in my hand and find a solution there.”

He added that he was not sure of the identity of the group at this point. He said, “So I think I need to find inspiration from people all over the world. I have this burning desire inside of me to be inspired by all the inspiration and influence in the world. What should BTS say to the world from now on? What position should we remember BTS to take?” At this point? How are we going to move forward? I want to take inspiration from these things from others.”

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