Anees Bazmee on Deewangee Sequel: ‘Both Ajay Devgn and I Feel Part 2 Should Be Made’ | Exclusive

Anis Bazmy is the star of the moment. The director, who is behind the horror comedy Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, was a smash hit of the film. It became a blockbuster which grossed over Rs. 175 crores locally, not in the mood to slow down even as week 5 enters.

Not only that, Anis Bazmi’s 2006 movie Sleep With Ajay Devgn will finally see the light of day this year. In an exclusive interview with us, Anez Bazmy opened up about whether the movie has been suffering from a release delay of over a decade and a half. He also talked about his plans to make a sequel to Ajay Devgn starrer Deewangee, update on No Entry sequel (initially italicized No Entry Me Entry).

Speaking about the delayed release of Yes, Anis Bazmi said that despite everything, the passion, the relationship and its essence all remain the same. He said sarcastically, “Some stories stay relevant even after 25 years. It’s the same 25 years ago, it’s the same now, and it will stay the same. So, we have to understand if the movie is like that. It’s my life” was about the relationship Between father and son. Therefore, the presentation of that relationship can change, the tone can change but the relationship, remains. Similarly, there is an action movie in which the hero is in pursuit of revenge. Now, there are films about revenge, and there will be films on the same subject even after 10 Or 25 years. Yes, the approach, the design will change. So when a movie is shown after a long time, there are some differences.”

He added, “We started filming for an ostrich in 2006. We are now in 2022 and I can’t help but hope that people will like it. I will be happy if the producers don’t suffer losses. All my wishes are with the producers and I just hope that people like the movie.”

Naam features Ajay Devgn in the lead, and another cult film in which Ajay and Aneez Bazmee collaborated is Deewangee. By the way, there were reports that there may be a sequel or a remake of the film. For this, Bazmi revealed, “Ajay is a friend. When we meet, we talk a lot. It’s not like we meet frequently, but when we meet, it feels like we last met yesterday. This is the equation, the relationship, the love that I share with him. So, when I met With it at some point, he said, “Anis Bhai, what a movie we made- Deewangee.” All of us, associated with the movie, are very proud that we made a hit movie. Ajay, and even I want the second part of the movie to be made. Just imagine – if it was A person could be shrewd back then, now 20 years later what level it would be. If I could think at that level, if I could write a story about it, we’d definitely make Deewangee 2. “

Bazmee also shared an update on the No entry sequel and added that the movie is coming to decks soon. “We will soon start with the sequel to No Entry. I have met Salman Bhai (Salman Khan) 2-3 times and he said, ‘Let’s start this movie.’ I have told him the story before and until now and he liked it very much. The director revealed that it is a good social movie, I am sure It will start soon.

Talking about his upcoming films, Anis Bazmi said that he is someone who loves to walk while others run and walk around. He shared: “I’m also working on the script for a couple of movies, but I don’t plan much for the future in general. I feel like praying and praying that he gets a proper edit. Then I think about what I’m going to do next. I feel like people are running a lot, and I’m just walking. I’ve been walking That’s how for the past 40 years, and I want to keep doing that.”

He concluded, “I don’t believe in running to make 3-4 movies. I feel like 24 hours is less for me in a day while making one movie, so I salute those who can make 2-3 movies. But for me, one movie is enough and I want to go.” at the same pace.”

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