GoT7 Member BamBam Has An Epic Reaction To Jinyoung Passionately Kissing Kim Go-eun In Yumi’s Cells 2

GoT7’s BamBam had the most epic reaction to Jinyoung’s kiss scene with Kim Go-eun in Yumi’s Cells 2. The second season of the hit K-drama kicked off this month with Jinyoung playing Kim Go-eun on screen. In the recently aired third episode, Kim Go-eun’s character Kim Yu-mi confesses her feelings for Jinyoung’s Yoo Ba Bi and they start dating right away. Within a few days of starting dating the characters, Ba Bi and Yumi kiss.

The passionate kiss left the Ba Bi Fanclub on and off the show screaming. Many fans took to Twitter and shared their reactions. BamBam joined Yumi’s Cells fan base and shared his reaction to the kiss. The rapper took to Twitter and shared a hilarious edit of Jinyoung’s kiss and wrote, “Get it, my son JINYOUNG.”

For the inexperienced, Yumi Cells revolves around Kim Yumi, played by Kim Go-eun, an everyday girl with emotions that nearly all humans experience. Except for the series, fans see how different brain cells help her make every decision in her life. In season one, she falls in love with Goo Woong (played by Ahn Bo-hyun) as her hives help her navigate every situation. Season 2 puts Yoo Ba Bi (Jinyoung) in the lead, as Yumi explores her relationship with Ba Bi.

Speaking about the new season, via Soompi, Jinyoung recently said, “I think Yumi boldly starts doing what she wants to do. I think it’s better to regret something you did than to regret something you didn’t. As a fresh start to me, I’ve been [acting] During the past year and a half to two years. I support all of your beginnings too.”

Yomi Cells broadcasts new episodes every Friday and Saturday.

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