Actor Swapnil Joshi Gets A Sweet Surprise From His Children On Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, we salute the sacrifices, love, struggle, and pampering that fathers make for their children. While many parents spend a lot of time with their children, actors tend to have less time due to their professional commitments. Just like many artists, actor Swapnil Joshi also spends most of his time on sets. However, this Father’s Day, his children made sure that he feels special and loved.

The actor recently shared a video showing Swapnil’s wife and two children, Maayra and Raaghav, planning a surprise visit to the sets of the actor’s latest show. As the video continues, we find out that Swapnil is busy with his mates practicing his lines and scenes.

Suddenly, he got a sweet surprise from his kids who came along the way just to meet him and wish him Father’s Day. They even brought a cake that the actor sliced ​​with his crew and family. This kind gesture on Swabniel was taken aback by his family. He also takes his family on a tour of his group and introduces them to different rooms and sections. Finally, he expresses his feeling in front of the camera.

Commenting on the video, Swapnil wrote in Marathi which translates, “There is always a father but today, you made me feel like a real father.” He even thanked the channel for making such an amazing gesture on this day. Many celebrities reacted to Swapnil’s post and showered love on him and his kids.

Swapnil’s friend and actress Shilpa Tulaskar commented, “This is amazing! I missed those laadoos”, while actress Abhidnya Bhave wrote, “Sweetest! I missed it!” Many others like Samidha Guru, Shreya Bugde Sheth and Reena Madhukar also interacted for the actor position.

In fact, it was the sweetest surprise anyone could have on Father’s Day.

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