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The Calcutta High Court on Monday asked the West Bengal government to provide an affidavit regarding the death of the famous playback singer, Krishnakumar Kunathpopularly known as Kwho died on late 31 May 2022 after his theatrical performance at Nazrul Manch in South Kolkata.

The bench, chaired by Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava and including Judge Rajarshi Bharadwaj, directed the state government to provide an affidavit within three weeks. She also asked the government to bear in mind that such tragic incidents would not be repeated.

Three public interest lawsuits (PIL) were filed by attorneys Imtiaz Ahmed, Somaya Shubro RoyAnd the sian bandopadia In the unfortunate death of KK and in one, the petitioner requested a central office of investigation (CBI) investigate the matter.

There was allegedly absolute mismanagement at KK’s final stage performance at Nazrul Manch on May 31, as a crowd of twice the auditorium capacity was present for the live performance. It was also alleged that due to overcrowding, the air conditioning did not work properly which resulted in suffocation inside the hall.

A number of videos were shown claiming that KK was feeling uncomfortable during the performance and it was also claimed that in the middle of the show, he took a 10-minute break to go back to the scenes to rest.

Challenge the demand for a CBI Inquiry In one of the PILs, state attorney general S.N. Mukhopadhyay argued that since there was not a single complaint from the deceased singer’s family members regarding the case, the request for a CBI investigation was invalid.

Next, the department board directed the state government to present its arguments in the form of an affidavit.

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