Beyonce’s new song ‘Break My Soul’ will inspire you to QUIT YOUR JOB and the internet is seriously considering it – Times of India

Beyonce It is ushered in Renaissance And she’s doing it with her first song.”break my soul“.

With only a month to go until her album is available for pre-order, the singer surprised fans by sharing her new song that doubles as an anthem for all the individuals working in the companies. The song hit the internet earlier than expected amid some leaks online.

Within just hours of its release, the song captured social media trends due to its lyrics that made the singer quit her 9-5 job to work on building a new enterprise.

“I just fell in love, and I just quit my job / I’m going to find a new drive, damn it, they work hard for me / I work at nine, then after five / They work on my nerves, that’s why I can’t sleep at night” she sings about you in the first house .

Taking to Twitter, fans made the most of it and joked, “This is my sign to quit.”

Another wrote on Twitter, “Beyoncé said, “Take down the government and your company jobs. We did it!”

Listening to the audio is all it takes for the internet to come up with all kinds of hilarious reactions. One fan wrote, “If Beyoncé asks you to quit your job, you should do it because it’s the law that I don’t make the rules.”

One fan said, “Don’t be tempted by Beyoncé,” while another said sarcastically, “Beyoncé said quit your job, because they work on your stress, and you said you were really cool.”

Another wrote: “Beyoncé said quit your toxic job today and go outside and dance.”

“I miss when Beyoncé used to tell us things like ‘Leave your man’, ‘Leave your job’, ‘f**k them’… I love that she’s back at that!” Another said.

Another fan decided to be the voice of reason and gave fans and listeners a reality check by saying, “Beyoncé is a billionaire. Please don’t leave your job without a plan. The global economy is collapsing.”

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