Anushka Sharma returns to sets with ‘Chakda ‘Xpress’; says, ‘It is a fact that women have to go that extra mile to earn their place in this patriarchal world’ – Times of India

Anushka Sharma Gearing up for a return to cinema three years after her maternity break, she takes center stage with “Chakda ‘XPress”‘ titles inspired by the lives and times of cricket’s greatest speed cricketers. Golan Goswami. To be released on the OTT podium, the film traces the glorious journey of Jhulan, one of the fastest female cricketers in the history of world cricketers, as she climbed the ladder despite countless hurdles to achieve her only dream: playing cricket.

Anushka Filming startedShakda Expressto be filmed in India and the UK. “It feels like my first movie again and I’m really excited to start this journey with ‘Chakda Xpress’, a movie that I really believe in. The pandemic has unfortunately prevented me from returning to the cinema even though I’m itching to start filming quickly. I would have loved to entertain and interact with Fans and fans in an early fashion.”

According to reports, Anushka will fly to the UK to shoot a 30-day schedule for cricket, which signifies the massive escalation of the Chakda Express. Anushka spent months preparing to get into the skin of the famous Indian fast-roller.

She says, “A film of this scale needs massive preparation in all departments and we are delighted that ‘Chakda Xpress’ started in style. ‘Chakda Xpress’ is a delightful script that aims to make strong statements and I am proud of the creative collaboration with my producer brother, Karnesh Scharma and my director, Prosit Roy, To tell a wonderful story about a vulnerable woman.”

Jalan succeeded in achieving her goal and went on to lead the Indian women’s national cricket team and is a role model for the country’s aspiring cricketers. In 2018, an Indian postage stamp was issued in her honor. gallan He holds the world record for the most wickets taken by a woman in an international career.

Anushka says, “It is a fact that women have to go that extra mile to earn their place in this patriarchal world. Jhulan Goswami’s life is a testament to the fact that she carved her own destiny and fought for every inch of spotlight and recognition.”

She adds, “I hope to do justice to this wonderful script inspired by Jhulan’s life and times. I am excited to challenge myself and push myself every day to shoot with ‘Chakda Xpress’ and I hope I can give my best with this movie.”

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