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Actor Diganth Manchale was rumored to have sustained serious injuries during an adventure activity while on a trip with his wife and actress Aindrita Ray. While the details of the nature of the accident that led to this injury are yet to be confirmed, we hear that Diganth is on his way back to Bengaluru to receive treatment for himself.

Diganth is said to be an adventure junkie, surfer, diver, rock climber and cyclist. The actor’s social media pages often feature pictures of him on his adventures in the wilderness with his group of friends. The actor usually uses in-between multiple shooting schedules to relax in nature with these adventure activities.

Dejanth is also known to be a fighter, having previously fought through a strange injury that occurred in a Bollywood movie set in London. The actor, who was almost blinded by the strange accident on his set during the filming, overcame the same and since then regularly participates in adventure activities.

According to the news channel, “Deganth after receiving his initial medical treatment flew to Bengaluru for further treatment at Manipal Hospital. He was accompanied by his wife Indrita Rai. They are expected to arrive in Bengaluru by 6pm today.”

Both Diganth and Aindrita could not be reached for comment on this current injury and its details are not yet known. But we hear from sources that medical help is set up to make sure Diganth makes his way through this injury. We wish the representative of Pancharangi and Manasaare the best to overcome these injuries. Stay tuned for more updates on the same…

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