Abhishek Bachchan Elated as 9 Inmates of Agra Jail Clear Board Exam, Dad Amitabh Bachchan Writes ‘Waah Ji Waah’

Does art imitate life or life imitate art? Abhishek Bachchan Dasvi will keep us guessing! The film received huge acclaim from all over the world, with many praising the inspiring story of a corrupt politician who falls in love with education while in prison and finally cements the tenth grade.

This motivational tale seems to have made a lasting impression on some discerning fans. Directed by Tushar Jalota was filmed on location at Agra Central Prison, with the film also being shown to inmates on the premises. Some prisoners took the film’s message seriously, because they also decided to preserve and embrace the magic of education. No good deed goes unpunished, as 12 of them cross the boards with flying colors. While 9 of the prisoners passed the exam for the tenth grade, and 3 of them passed the exam for the twelfth grade intermediate.

Praising their remarkable achievement, lead star Abhishek Bachchan said, “It is a great feeling when you see the positive impact of the film you were a part of making in real life. The credit must go to the students and to the directors of Tosher. His belief in the film and the story he wanted to tell. This news is greater than Any award or accolade we could have had as a team.” He also tweeted about the same and wrote, “This is the best news today. How awesome!!! So proud of TusharJalota and the #Dasvi team. Congratulations to the guests.”

Abhishek’s father, Amitabh Bachchan responded to the tweet and wrote, “Waah Ji Waah.” See the tweet here:

Speaking about the impact of the film, Producer Dinesh Vigan adds, “Films can make a difference. I have always believed in supporting quality content that can be made into mainstream films. Dasvi was another opportunity for me to do that. I am really happy and proud that he has made an impact in people’s lives.” and influence them in a positive way.”

Sharing his delight at the news, director Tushar Gallota says, “I am really happy to hear such heart-warming news. With Dasvi, we have always wanted to make a major entertainment movie where we talked about the importance of education. But the most important thing is that we all had very sincere intentions. While doing this. When the words are said from the heart, they enter another’s heart. The fact that we have been able to inspire and influence so many lives for good has truly made it a very fulfilling experience.”

With the recent news revealing that not only a paid, but 163 inmates crossed the clearinghouse exams in Uttar Pradesh, the film may have done much more than just entertain audiences! A useful mixture of earnest intentions, an important message and a great script, Dasvi by Jio Studios and Maddock Films seems to have worked wonders even months after its release.

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