Chhavi Mittal Says Her Kid Suddenly Became a ‘Big Boy’ During Her Breast Cancer Surgery, Pens Note for Him

Since actress Xavi Mittal was diagnosed with breast cancer, she has been constantly updating her fans and followers about her health and recovery. Her schedule is filled with posts from her hospital as she continues to document her journey. Now, the actress has cried to her three-year-old son, and how he reacted to the whole situation. In her note to her son Arham, she described him as the “big boy”.

Her diary began by writing, “The story of my battle with cancer is incomplete if I don’t mention the role this little guy played in it. Among the things I did to prepare for the surgery, the one I dread most was telling @arhamhussein that I won’t be around for a while. But coming from a kid who didn’t even complete 3 Years, was a surprisingly unexpected reaction! For someone who cried every morning before I left office, he suddenly became a big boy! Not only did he not cry in my absence, but he behaved well with his caretakers who were stationed in my absence. And when I came back from the hospital and needed to recover, he made sure to remind me now and then not to take him because I was “injured”.

She continued, “He would repeatedly ask me about the condition of my ‘thread’ and would ask me to show him the stitches. I would tell him I was feeling better and he would say ‘par chot toh abhi bhi hai’.” He pressed my feet with his two little hands, and hugged me very carefully, And he asked me every time about my right side (where I had surgery) and whether it hurt when he hugged me.”

Take a look at her post:

Shfei Mittal had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. With her indomitable fighting spirit, the actress has kept her brave face while undergoing surgery and coming out of cancer. She also shared her slow recovery journey, and how stressed she was for radiotherapy.

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