Kannada Actor Diganth Manchale Is Now Stable, Further Treatment Underway

Famous Kannada actor Diganth Manchale who sustained a back injury during a family vacation in Goa is now said to be stable. His family sources said that the actor was flown from the coastal state after he started feeling numb in his fingers.

Diganth was injured late on Monday evening and was first taken to Manipal Hospital in Goa, but then flown to Bengaluru for further treatment. A statement issued by Dr. Shankar PC, Chief Medical Officer at Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru said: “Dijanth has suffered from a ‘sports injury’ and is undergoing a detailed evaluation prior to her surgery.

Sources close to the actor revealed that Diganth was on a trampoline and was trying to do a tail blade. He is said to have injured his back in the process. A family member told News18 that his fall dislocated his cervical vertebrae and he needs immediate professional medical attention.

A fitness freak and adventure addict, Diganth is often seen indulging in adventure sports like rock climbing, cycling, surfing, diving, etc. However, one of Diganth’s signature moves was the backflip that is often seen in his reels on social media.

A close friend of the actor said, “He does the backflip really well and that’s something we all envy.” Al-Siddiq added: “It was one of the accidents that could have caused this injury.”

This isn’t the first time Diganth has been seriously injured. In 2016, he was shooting his movie Bollywood Ticket To Bollywood movie, when the scene asks its co-star Amyra Dastur to throw a dagger at him. The heel injured his eye and damaged his cornea, and while the injury was not life-threatening, he underwent several surgeries abroad to repair his retina and lens, and it took him several months to recover.

Having made his debut in the Kannada film industry in 2006 with Miss California, it was his character (Doodhpeda) in the blockbuster ‘Gaalipaata’ who stole the hearts of Kannadigas. He also starred in the Gaalipatta sequel.

Diganth was named Best Romantic Star of South Indian Cinema in 2013 by SIMA and has starred in many blockbuster films like Pancharangi, Liefu Ishtene and Paarijaatha. He entered Bollywood with “Wedding Pullav” in 2015 and worked on Ticket to Bollywood the following year.

Married to another famous actor Aindrita Ray, Diganth was vacationing with his family when the accident happened in Goa.

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