Thalapathy Vijay Set to Star in MS Dhoni’s Film; Announcement Likely to Be on Actor’s Birthday?

It has been reported MS Dhoni He is preparing to set foot in the Kollywood film industry along with “Thalapathy” Vijay. According to reports, MS Dhoni, who is planning to start his on-screen journey from Kollywood, called actor Vijay and asked him to star in his movie. Meanwhile, Thalapathy Vijay, who is currently starring in ‘Thalapathy 66’, agreed to Dhoni’s request, while it was announced that the first look poster for the movie ‘Thalapathy 66’ would be released on June 21 at 6:01 p.m. The official announcement of ‘Thalapathy 67’ is also expected on June 22, before actor Vijay’s birthday.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, known by cricket fans as “Thala”, is currently planning to make films under Dhoni’s production. Earlier, there were talks that actor Vijay will be starring in a movie that is slated to be produced by Dhoni Productions and that the movie “Thalapathy 68” is likely to be produced by his company. Reports also say that Dhoni will appear in a cameo in the film, which gave a lot of excitement to Thala and Thalapathy fans. An official announcement is expected soon.

Eventually, Dhoni ventured into many industries such as poultry, agriculture, brewery, gym, and apparel. His next project is to become a successful producer. For this, he created a company called Dhoni Entertainment. After retiring from international cricket, Dhoni is currently the captain of the Chennai Super Kings in IPL. It was also said that Nayanthara was restricted to playing the heroine in his first project. However, a statement from Doni said that no such agreement had been reached yet.

Meanwhile, Dhoni and Vijay met at the shooting site a few months ago. It has now been revealed that they were talking about the movie deal in the context of what they said was “friendly” at the time. It appears that Vijay has agreed to work in the production of Dhoni.

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