Sara Ali Khan’s dad Saif Ali Khan has no problem with her dressing but trolls refuse to let them be! – Times of India

Sarah Ali Khan Ibrahim Ali Khan went out to lunch with my father Saif Ali Khan On Saturday, instead of appreciating family time, the trolls started commenting on Sarah’s clothing sense. The actress has come under fire for wearing shorts and a cropped T-shirt with her dad, who doesn’t seem to mind her choice of dressing at all.

Take a look at the bad punches and our killer comments on the same:

“Sharam Kar Ice Kabaddi Dad Ki Sat Behinki Kon Gata Hai”


Criticizing an actress for her clothes was a favorite topic of trolls, but calling her rude something she and her father don’t find offensive is just too bad. When Seif has no problem with her clothes, Sarah feels comfortable in whatever she’s wearing, and who are the anonymous netizens to judge their choice?

“Her body and walk like a man”


Before going through mean remarks about her body, we suggest you pass on to her Instagram Calculate and see how much Sarah sweats in the gym. She is not only a fitness fanatic but has inspired many other people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Reducing someone’s hard work with unpleasant comments isn’t all social media is all about.

“Favorite Rocks”


This comment is another attempt to try to stir up controversy as there is none. Why don’t you just accept that Seif is after his children? Get over it and keep moving forward, instead of screwing them all up with your faltering ideologies.

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