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Suhana Khan She takes small steps in front of the camera, as she prepares to star in her first OTT movie. The actress was recently spotted on the set in town and instantly became conscious when she spotted the paparazzi getting ready to click her picture. Instead of pretending to them, Suhana quickly ran out and netizens trolled the child star for showing his ‘situation’ on the dots.

Take a look at Suhana’s cast on social media, and we responded:

Shahrukh Khan’s female version


It is a matter of science and genetics that a child is likely to look like either of their parents. In Suhana’s case, she resembles her father SRK. Trolling her because of her features is just harassment. Please grow up and stop tearing up a 22 year old girl who is working hard to make a name for herself.

“Golden Fortune BT Zero Talent”


It is very easy to decide and declare that Suhana Khan has zero talent. Even before her first project was over, she decided she had no skill. For all you know, her ultimate eligibility may lie in the movies, or outside of it, in another field. Give Atleast a chance to showcase her skill and let her figure things out before she jumps to harsh conclusions.

“Queen of Attitude, Nothing Else”


Dear troll, if you were to pay attention to the positive watch, you would have noticed that Suhana looked confused with her first outing with the paparazzi. While she grew up in the spotlight, she stayed away from her for a long time. Give her a break, this “situation” can be nervous. Let’s avoid unfair speculation for now and adopt a positive approach instead.

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