Pankaj Tripathi On His First Reaction to Sherdil Story: ‘Was Shocked To Know Something Like This Had Happened’

Pankaj Tripathi is preparing for the release of her upcoming film Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga. Inspired by real events, Srijit Mukherji’s guidance provided an insightful story about the negative effects of urbanization, human-animal conflict, and poverty that led to a strange practice in a village located on the edge of the forest. The film sees Pankaj as Gangaram, a village chief, who is also the father of two children. During a media interaction in Delhi, Pankaj shared that when he first heard about the story, he was shocked to learn that something like this had happened.

The Mirzapur representative shared about this jungle shooting experience. He said, “I love forests, animals, plants and trees. The story of the film focuses on the fight between men and the jungle, not only in India, but in the whole world. Through the character of Gangaram, we focus on the same. I love nature and animals. My love for nature and its beauty increased after making the film.” I wish we could shoot in the woods for more than 20 days.”

Sherdel is inspired by a real-life incident in the Pilbhit Tiger Reserve, where villagers used to leave elderly family members to hunt tigers, then demand compensation from the management. However, after the series of attacks on the elders, the villagers made the forest authorities suspicious of the actual events.

“I went to Kolkata for Dussera Puja and met Srijit Mukherji there and he told me there was a story I had seen in the news and I wanted to make a movie about it. When I first heard about it I was shocked to find out if this had happened, I was not aware of it.”

“Later, I got excited and asked him to write it down in more detail. We met after four to six months, and that’s how the story came to me. And I love forests and nature. In fact, we both love it. A month before that, I called him to inquire about his location and he was in Tapovan Park National Park in Nagpur and I was in Bana National Park in Madhya Pradesh. So, on that day the director and actor were present in the national parks of India,” Tripathi said.

Speaking about the film, he said, “Sherdel is the story of Bilibet but it is also the story of Mumbai. In Mumbai, there is a jungle area in Ari where we often hear stories of tigers crossing into urban areas. Man versus wild conflict is an ongoing struggle, and that is what we are trying to show through this The movie is in a satirical way. It’s something that happens all over the world.”

When asked why the story was chosen in a satirical way, the Ludo representative said, “Satirical story enables artists to entertain while conveying an important message. Delivering a message to society through satire is easy and I think it is more impactful than comedy. People laugh at first at what they see but After a while, they analyze what was shown to them. ”

“Getting a message to society through sarcasm is easy and I think it is more impactful than comedy. At first people laugh at what they see but after a while, they analyze what they are shown,”

Starring Neeraj Kabi and Siani Gupta, Sherdel is set to hit theaters on June 24.

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