TV Actress Sreenidhi, Suffering From Depression, to Attend Counselling Session

TV Actress Serendi is often seen making headlines due to her professional commitments and personal life. The singer became a household name with the series Yaaradi Nee Mohini. According to reports, she has been admitted to a hospital in Pozal, Chennai. Some of her friends have stated that she will come home after attending a counseling session.

According to reports, Srinidhi suffers from depression. In her recent interviews, Srindi said that her life is in danger. Serendi also expressed her desire to marry Simbo. Besides these statements, Yaaradi singer Nee Mohini also targeted her friend Natchathira saying that she is the reason behind her deteriorating medical health.

Srindi said that Nachatera was ignoring her after she got engaged to an upcoming actor. According to the 7C actress, Nachthira reminded her of her friend Chithra, who had committed suicide. According to Srindi, she does not want Nachatera to face the same fate.

Taking into account these statements, many of those close to her have said that Srinidhi is suffering from depression. Meanwhile, her mother said that Srindi’s recent actions are not feeling well.

In an interview, Serendi blamed her mother for her depression. According to Srindi, her mother loved her so much which caused her depression.

Apart from these statements, Sri Lanka has also garnered a lot of attention due to her review of Valimai. Srindi wrote that Valemayi’s script was not attractive. According to the actress, she could have seen Ajith Kumar in any movie but not Valimai.

For this view, she faced a lot of hate from Ajith fans. Srindi said that she only watched Valimai because her friend was acting in that movie.

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