B Praak’s wife Meera Bachan shares a heartfelt note for the baby she lost; writes, ‘mama will love you till the end of time’ – Times of India

B Praak and Meera Bachan had to experience the bliss of parenthood again. However, unfortunately, fate had some other plans, and the couple lost their newborn at the time of birth. B Praak took to his social media to share the tragic news with everyone and asked everyone to give them privacy for a while. All this time, Mira Bachchan did not say a word, keeping her feelings locked in her heart. But today, considering her own social media, the grieving mom expresses herself as she writes the most heart-melting notes for the baby she’s lost.

Mira wrote, “There is a special angel in heaven who is a part of me, not where I wanted him but God wanted him to be. He has been here for a moment like a shooting star, and though he is in heaven but not far away. He has touched the heart of many as only an angel can to do.”

She added, “I would have loved him deeply only if I had known. Even though you’re not with me, I’ll never stop loving you. I think of you every second and I only wish I could turn the time in my favor, and tell you how much we love you. All those months your little heart beats so hard all those months Silent your little arms and legs moving vigorously all those months.. still now. We’ve dreamed so much of watching you grow up, and weary you so hard, but fate was all I dreamed of was your smile.”

“Mama will love you until the end of time and the truth is that you were, and will always be. I love you my angel. I love you.”

This is the first time that Meera Bachchan has shared something after the death of her child. One can only imagine the hardships she was going through, but she mustered the courage to express herself. It also got tremendous support from internet users. “More power to you,” “Praying constantly for peace to come down,” “Stay blessed—wherever you are, little angel—and lots of love and power to you, Myra,” “Just like you said, the sun will rise again,” fill in more of these Encouraging words comment box.

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