Shriya Pilgaonkar on Being Sachin-Supriya’s Daughter: No One Ever Said ‘You Got Things Conveniently’ | Exclusive

Shriya Bilgaonkar was recently seen on The Broken News. The show, which also starred Jadeep Ahlawat and Sonali Bender in the lead, is currently available on ZEE5 and has received positive reviews from both audiences and critics. Prior to The Broken News, Shriya has also acted in several shows including Guilty Minds, Mirzapur and others. The daughter of big actors Supriya and Sachin Bilgaonkar, Shreya has made a name for herself in the industry. In a recent interview with News18 Showsha, Shreya was asked if it would be beneficial or pressured for her to be a child star. For this, I explained that the only stress one feels is when they start to put it on themselves. She also shared that although her parents have created a legacy for themselves, it is important for her to be recognized as a good actress.

“The only kind of pressure you’ll feel is when you put that kind of pressure on yourself. I didn’t take any of that pressure negatively. It’s very important for me to carry myself. The legacy they (parents) created for themselves, in a completely different space.” And you can’t even try to create it. It’s important for me to be a good actor because being a star is not in my hands but being a good actor is in my hands. So for me it’s important to carry the same grace that my parents always held. That’s the most important thing for me. She said : “There is no pressure on me.”

Shreya also shared that she has gone through a very organic journey in the industry and that the public has come to realize that too. The 33-year-old actress went on to say that no one has ever pointed a finger at her claiming that she got things done too comfortably.

“To be honest, my journey has been a very organic growth journey step by step and I think the audience has been following along. Thankfully, no one fingered me and said ‘I got things easy’ because they witnessed the growth. It’s not like I was on magazine covers Before releasing my films or anything like that, she added, “If I’m known for talent more than anything else, I’m at peace with that fact.”

When asked about the tips or advice she gets from her parents, Shreya laughed and revealed how her father helps her with the casting. “No tips. Things don’t happen that way. To be honest, I’ll just say we end up having conversations. With my dad, I ended up talking to him a lot about casting. For example in Mirzapur, the way I wanted Sweety to speak.” I wanted Sweety to look like North India. I’m Maharashtra. So it was important for me to do that. In Guilty Minds, Kashaf Quaze’s character comes from a Delhi family. The way you speak, there is a bit of Urdu. Especially since my father is known for that Whatever language he speaks, he speaks it very well,” she said.

She also revealed that her parents are critical of her work and always give her honest feedback. “So I definitely discuss these aspects with them but fortunately when they watch my work their comments are not like my father but as artists. They honestly give me critical feedback. I know that when they like my work they compliment me on something, and I honestly believe it. I respect their opinion. They Such actors are a nuance.” Shreya added, “It is an honor to get this kind of feedback and guidance.”

Shreya Bilgaonkar concluded by saying that her parents helped her become emotionally strong due to the uncertainty of the industry. “More than anything, they have helped me be emotionally strong which I think is the most important thing in this field. Because it (the industry) is so uncertain that they let me ask the right questions, and they let me get a good perspective. Only people working in The field understands how it feels as you navigate yourself through these ups and downs. Fortunately, I can have all these conversations with them, not just as their daughter but as a fellow artist in the industry.”

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