Suriya’s Daughter Diya Performs Brilliantly in Class 10; Here are Her Marks

Suriya is currently on cloud 9 after the success of his recently released films, including Vikram in which he played an influential role. Apart from this success, there is another piece of news that made Syria very happy. His daughter, Dia, did a great job in the 10th grade.

According to reports, Zia scored 95 in Tamil, 99 in English, 100 in Mathematics, 98 in Science and 95 in Social Sciences. Surya and his family are very happy to see Zia pass exams with such good marks.

Despite his preoccupation with films, Surya ensures that his children focus on their studies. According to Jai Bhim’s representative, education is the top priority for children. To promote education, he has set up an NGO called Agaram Foundation. Many students have completed their class 10 exams with good marks through Agaram Foundation.

According to reports, more than 3000 students have attained higher education through this institution. Of these, 54 became doctors, 1169 engineers, 90% of them are first-generation graduates. The foundation also helps those who have lost their parents and are struggling for higher education.

Surya once said that a Krishnavini woman is doing the job of a medical officer in the Indian Army today. His foundation helped her take on this illustrious job. Krishnavini was facing problems due to the bad background of her family. At this point, the Agaram Foundation came to her aid. Many institutions offer free seats and hostel accommodation for students leaving Agaram.

The Agaram Foundation also helps people from distant tribal villages. In these villages, most students drop out of education. Students who can get even forty percent of the grades are assisted by Agaram Institution in higher education.

The Foundation allocates points for students with backgrounds such as missing parents, Dalit community, Sri Lankan refugees and other criteria.

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