To End Black Ticket Menace, Andhra Govt Launches Booking Portal

The Andhra Pradesh government headed by Prime Minister YS Jagmohan Reddy has decided to end the black ticket threat. The government has introduced a new online platform through which moviegoers will book their tickets at affordable prices.

The government also set fixed prices for films. Movie buffs will now book movies in your APFDC screens portal. “It will help to know how many tickets were sold at the price, how much GST was charged, and other details, to check for tax evasion,” said Andhra Pradesh Film Development Corporation Managing Director, Vijay Reddy.

“It is unlikely that an additional fee of 20-25 rupees per ticket will be charged by other gates,” said one of the officials. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Asia Pacific Film Distribution Center and the film exhibitor that the collection achieved by the film portal will be attributed to the exhibitor on a daily basis.

There will be no cancellation of prior agreements between movie exhibitors and online ticket sales portals. The government does not want to monopolize any portal on the Internet. Recently, the Competition Committee India Make an order regarding an online web portal for selling movie tickets online.

The government also said moviegoers are free to choose any gate, but if they choose APFDC, they will book tickets at a much lower price than the others. The official said, “The government has been working hard for some time to make movie tickets available to everyone. For this initiative, many meetings and discussions have taken place with many famous movie stars.”

Furthermore, he said, “The government has made it clear that it will implement transparent rates through this portal.” Speaking to the media, APFDC MP Vijay Kumar Reddy said, “Theatre owners should only implement the prices set by the government. Therefore, we are making the online system available.”

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