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R Madhavan’s latest movie, Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, is coming out soon and the actor has been spotted at promotional events recently. ITEMS He met him at a recent launch event where Madhavan revealed his views and opinions on the much-talked-about debate over North vs South films. Using his distinctive logic and analysis, Madhavan said,

The truth of the matter Baahubali 1 and 2, $$$$KGF 1, 2 and Pushpa are the All India films that have managed to earn more than Hindi films. The reasons could be many – perhaps because these films had a fan following across the country or perhaps because they were all made on a large scale.”

He was quick to point out that the success of All-India films does not undermine the success of Indian films. It is to explain, ”

The success of these films does not mean that the Hindi films did not. Gangbai Kathyawadi, Kashmir and . Files Bhol Bahlai 2 They all worked at the box office. It’s not like these films were hits, they were all big hits.

He felt that the pandemic had changed the way people consumed movies. He said, “You could say that audience habits have changed after COVID. The script of the movie must be evidence of COVID. I feel that after the pandemic, people have less patience. The pace of the story within the script should be fast. Maybe the Hindi films that didn’t work didn’t have scripts Peppy convinces the viewer that the story and drama are progressing at a good speed.”

Another observation that Madhavan shared is that the audience may have been influenced by the efforts of the lead actors. He explained, “All the films that succeeded made their actors put in a lot of hard work. In RRR, it was the efforts of NTR Jr and Ram Charan that impressed everyone, in Pushpa, Allu Arjun did a great job balancing his choreography, personality, appearance and quirks. I feel the audience is capable Appreciate the efforts these actors put in while their films took years, not months, to put together.”

After sharing his opinions, Madhavan was quick to point out that any reasoning has nothing to do with the trends of the film industry. He suggested, “Honestly, there’s no point in analyzing these things. The only rule in the film industry is that the day you think there are rules in the film industry, you’ve lost track of them. Showbiz has an ever-changing scenario. I hope other films in the coming days will do well. And it will set a new pattern to follow. I don’t think we can actually expect anything when it comes to our film industry.”

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