Actor Naresh Still Married to 3rd Wife Ramya Raghupati? What We Know

Actress Pavithra Lokesh, who played Mahesh Babu’s mother in Sarkaru Vari Bhata, made headlines due to rumors about her wedding plans with famous actor Naresh.

Meanwhile, veteran writer Rekha Rani, in a Facebook post, has informed her followers that actor Naresh, who is said to be in a relationship with actress Pavithra Lokesh, is still married to his estranged wife Ramya Ragupati. Writer Naresh and Pavithra appealed to clarify the controversy and rumours.

Recently, Ramya appeared in the news after a case of cheating by five women was filed against her at Gachibuli Police Station in Hyderabad. According to these women, Ramya lured them into a group income scheme, raised huge money from them, promising 20% ​​interest in return. Naresh said that he and Ramiya have been living separately for 7 years now and has no connection to the case.

K. Shilpavalli Ramya, DCP, Madhapur, said that Ramya cheated five women out of a total sum of Rs 40 lakh. Victims claimed that they met Rami through a mutual friend.

It was alleged that Ramia presented herself to the victims as the daughter of a powerful minister and the wife of a former actor. She also said that she owns hotels in Bangalore and runs an NGO.

Trusting her status, she gave the victims their money but received nothing in return. When pressed, Rami issued them bounced checks. Ramia’s mother was informed of the matter and said that Ramia was no longer living with her and that she was not physically or mentally healthy.

Ramya is the third estranged wife of former actor F.K. Naresh and Daughter of Former Congress Committee Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Dr. N. Rajovera Reddy. Ramya and Naresh got married in 2010, but after they lived for some time, the marriage ended in divorce.

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