Forensic Movie Review: Vikrant Massey, Radhika Apte, Gripping Crime Caper Set in the Hills

Lately, cinemas have been setting murder mysteries at hill resorts, perhaps because they dazzle by day and become creepy at night, due to a gloomy, hazy atmosphere. ZEE5’s newest outing, Forensic, chooses Mussoorie with its majestic mountains, tall trees, and dark corners for its drama. A perfect setting for a story by Adhir Bhat and Ajit Jagtap with a screenplay by Vishal Kapoor which seems more or less believable, except for the part where we see a female psychiatrist, Ranja Gupta (Prachi Desai), cutting her fingers to fascinate young girls. unattainable.

But with a brilliant piece of acting by Vikram Massi who wrote forensic expert Johnny Khanna – whose mood freely alternates between serious and cheerful – the film flies. It is about a serial killer who has made killing a fine art, choosing to get close to little girls on their birthdays.

Carefully weave into these horrific tragedies a couple of subplots. Johnny is separated from his wife Mega (Radhika Apte), a police inspector. His brother lost his daughter in an accident a few years ago, and his wife, who could not stand the pain, committed suicide.

But Massey makes up for all that desperation with his ingenuity. He is charming, and sees the way he continues to address Megan as “beloved”, relieving the bad mood that hangs between the two of them and in the small town, whose police forces seem unable to pursue a crime of such brutal magnitude.

But we have our forensic expert to deal with that, and he does so with caution, often taking us into the labyrinth of science. Some of his analytical results are great, as are some of the scenes. Watch the way Megah chases down a dwarf thinking he’s the man when several of his teammates come to his aid. Someone throws a large bed sheet at her, which shows an amazing unity among the physically challenged. There is an exciting car chase on the curvy hill roads with Johnny at the wheel giving the chase police car a hard time – until it spins out of control. Mr. Bond, ho!

The plot enters the midst of pain when Megan’s niece goes missing. The aunt was terrified of the advent of events. But Johnny intervenes to comfort Mega and break the crime. We know it’s going to be resolved (must be resolved), but when the climax comes, it’s shocking, even though it’s a little over the top. It’s smartly edited, but a little more tweaking the script could have given it a better rating.

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