Kareena Kapoor Calls Laal Singh Chaddha’s Phir Na Aisi Raat Aayegi ‘Song of the Decade’; Watch BTS Video

Laal Singh Chaddha is set to release their new song titled Phir Na Aisi Raat Aayegi. While not much is known about the song yet, Kareena Kapoor has shared a new behind-the-scenes video teasing the song. In the video, Kareena is seen sitting at her home listening to the recording of the song with a big smile on her face. “I love this song,” she said cheerfully. The video then takes the fans to Pritam Studios.

Aamir Khan, seen in his avatar Laal Singh Chaddha, told the music composer that Kareena called the song “the song of the decade”. However, he was not impressed with the updated track that was presented to him. Now if you listen to this recording, ‘Hamra Bhag Jaiji’ heroine! (Referring to another version of “Phir Na Aisi Raat Ayegi”), he joked.

Kareena shared the video with the caption, “Hey Aamir, I still love this song…”

Check out the path below:

On Wednesday, producers dropped another clip for BTS related to their upcoming song. In the video, Aamir Khan advises Pritam on the new song from the movie. “I think you are afraid that this is old music because you have mentioned it so many times. Forget all your worries. There is no such thing as old fashioned or new style. There is only good and bad music. We should be honest about what is needed at that moment,” Aamir suggested.

Laal Singh Chaddha is set to release on August 11th. The film is set to clash with Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan. Akshay recently spoke about the engagement at a press conference and said, “It’s a great day. Chutti hain, Raksha Bandhan ka waqt hai. Waise bhi aapko batau, COVID ki wajah se filmein release nahi huyi, bohot saari filmein abhi bhi padhi huyi hai, wait for Kar Rahi.” hai ki cape b laji theater. Toh yeh ek a normal thing hai ki ek hafte k andar do film aana. (It’s a holiday, Raksha Bandhan around that time. Let me tell you, not many movies have been released due to COVID. Many are still waiting for their turn In the cinema. It’s normal that two films are released in the same week.) So, I wouldn’t say we collide, we try to present our films to people. I hope both films will have a good tour.”

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