Gauahar Khan Recalls Auditioning for Slumdog Millionaire, Was Rejected by Danny Boyle for Her ‘Face’

Gauhar Khan was a well known name in TV, Bollywood He has ventured into OTT as well. She has been part of some of the most beloved projects – be it Rocket Singh, Begum Jaan or Taandav. But did you know that the actress even auditioned for Daany Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire? In fact, she did 5 rounds of audition and in a recent interview, she revealed why she lost in the project.

Speaking to the film’s companion, Johar revealed, “One of the biggest projects I’ve missed in my life was because I was looking for him so well, he was the Millionaire at Slumdog. I met Danny Boyle, and I did five rounds of auditions for him. After the fifth round he said ‘You’re a great actor. Are you sure you trained in India?” At that time, I had no experience, and I said “I trained in India.” He said, “You are speaking as an actor from outside India, not from India, so how do you have that experience?” I said “Sir, I don’t know, I try to do it every day.” He said, “You’re a great actor, but somehow I won’t be able to cast you here because I have to match three age groups and I can’t put you in Slumdog Millionaire with your face.” I said, “I can Being in a poor neighborhood.

She also revealed how director Shimit Amin insisted on making her less beautiful for Rocket Singh: Seller of the Year. Johar said, “At Rocket Singh: Best Seller of the Year, the endeavor was to make me not look pretty. Shemit Sir would say she put more pink on her eyes and cheeks, and put on more jarred lipstick, because that was the look, the character. It wasn’t. She’s supposed to look super pretty… Shemit Sir would still say “She still looks so pretty, put more makeup on her.”

The actress was recently seen in films like 14 Phere and OTT series The Bestseller opposite Arjan Bajwa.

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