Madhubala’s Biopic May Not Show Her Equation with Kishore Kumar or Dilip Kumar, Says Sister

Last year screen icon Madhur Bhushan, Madhubala’s sister, revealed a number of discoveries in a new interview. Madhubala, star of films such as Mughal the Great (1960), Shali Ka Nam Jade (1958) and Half a Ticket (1962), died in 1969 at the age of 36. time. However, the biography may not talk about her relationships with Kishore Kumar or Dilip Kumar, her sister said.

Madhubala was said to be in a relationship with Dilip Kumar for several years before the public quarreled over a court case. Actress and singer Kishore Kumar was married from 1960 to 1969, and her family accused him of “abandoning” her in her last days.

Speaking to ETimes in a new interview, Madhur said, “We’re sure we don’t want to hurt anyone while telling this tale. We don’t want to go into what happened with Dilip Kumar and Kishore Kumar. They have families, wives and children too. Every relationship has its ups and downs, But in the same way that we don’t appreciate the things that are talked about our father, they will also feel hurt if someone talks about the past. We want to celebrate Madhubala’s life, but we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings while doing it.”

Dilip Kumar and Madhubala were one of the most loved screen couples in the 1950s Bollywood era. Besides playing Salim and Anarkali in the Mughal-e-Azam saga, they also starred together in Tarana, Amar and Sangdil, among other films.

Madhubala and Kishore Kumar’s marriage has always been a topic talked about in B-Town. There was speculation that Madhubala contracted the disease and this led to their relationship losing its charm. Madhur Bhushan shed light on a different side of the relationship, revealing that Kishore Kumar was deeply affected by the sudden diagnosis of a hole in Madhubala’s heart.

Madhur said: It was her husband. He was affected, of course. When they went to London for an apa diagnosis, they were accompanied by Dr. Aspi Golwalla, who was a very famous cardiologist. When they found out in London that the apa had only two years to live, it affected Kishore Bhaya a lot.”

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