Shahid Kapoor and Anees Bazmee will come together for a new film – Exclusive – Times of India

Watch Kapoor She will be working with director Anis Bazmy for a new film. ITEMS He confirmed it with the director himself and this proposal seems really interesting. It is not yet clear if this new movie will be the next Bazmee movie or Shahid’s next movie. After all, a few days ago, we heard that Varun Dhawan and Anees Bazmi were also meeting. After all is said and done, it appears that the success of Bazmee’s latest movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 has indeed made the director a favorite in the film industry at the moment.

Our trusted source has informed us that Bazmy recently met a witness. So we contacted the director and asked him about the upcoming collaboration with Shahid. Bazmi said, “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is doing very well so now I will look at the other stories and see which excites me the most. As for Shahid, he agreed to do a movie with me a really long time ago. It doesn’t mean he said yes to me just now.” We’ve talked for a really long time…just that we’re waiting for the right story and the movie to happen right away.

Anis Bazmy explained that he has been friends with Shahid for a really long time. He said, “Shahid has been a friend for many years. I’m working on three to four topics at the moment. In another month, I will decide which topic I like and start with this story.”

Just to get the final confirmation, we asked Bazmi in black and white, if he’s really working with Shahid Kapoor in a new movie. Bazmi said, “Of course! 100 percent. I love working with him and whenever we meet he says to me, ‘Anis bhai ap kamal ki filmin banat hin and we have to work together.’ If there’s an interesting topic why not, he’s a good actor, he’s a complete actor and I loved his performance.” In ‘Jersey.’

Addressing reports of collaboration with Varun Dhawan, he said, “I have known Varun since he was only six or seven years old. I keep meeting him and in one last meeting he said to me, ‘Anis bhai kuch kart hin’ and I said ‘Sure!’ Like I said before, everything is there. But I have to make a decision on which topic to start first and who exactly fits this role.”

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