Khuda Haafiz 2 Makers Apologise For Hurting Religious Sentiments, Make Changes In Film’s Song

The makers of Vidyut Jammwal starrer Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 on Monday released a statement apologizing for hurting religious sentiments. The makers of the film offered an apology to the Shiite community, who recently expressed their disappointment with the song “Haq Hussein”.

In issuing the statement, the makers of the statement apologized and mentioned how they had raised some objections to the song “Haq Hussein”. She added that there was no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings. “We, the makers of the song Khuda Haafiz – Chapter Two – Agni Pariksha – are aware of the concerns expressed by a few members of the Shiite community and sincerely apologize for the fact that the elements of the song ‘Haq Hussain’ inadvertently offended their feelings. The statement raised objections from a few. Community members on the word “Hussein” and the use of zinger.″ width = “853″ height = “480″ frameborder = “0″ allowfullscreen = “allowfullscreen”> </iframe> <p> The statement also revealed that looking at the emotions of all people changed the lyrics of the song from Haq Hussain to Jonah Hai. She also confirmed that no Shiite members appeared in the film negatively. “We decided unilaterally to make changes to the song. In consultation with the CBFC censorship board, we removed zanjeer (blades) from the song and changed the lyrics of the song “Haq Hussain” to “Junoon Hai”. Please be aware that no members of the Shia community were captured in the wrong light in the film and the film does not show anyone from the Shiite community attacking anyone.” </ p> <p>“The song was created with the greatest pious intention to celebrate the glory of Imam Hussein and was never the intention to harm religious feelings. However, voluntarily, taking into account the feelings of the Shiite community, we made the above changes,” the decision-makers wrote in the statement. </ p> <p> Aside from Vidiot Jamwal, Khuda Hafeez: Chapter Two also stars Shivalika Oberoi. It will be released in theaters on July 8. </p> <p> Read alllatest news, Breaking newsWatch Top videos And the live tv over here.

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