Karan Malhotra: Ranbir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor’s personalities were as different as North and South Poles -Exclusive – Times of India

Karan Malhotra He has the rare distinction of directing both Rishi Kapoor And the Ranbir Kapoor in separate films. He worked with the late Rishi Kapoor inforeignersWhile Ranbir directed in ‘Shamshera’. While speaking to ETimes, he revealed the differences and similarities between father and son. Karan said, “I think their acting culture is very similar. But their personalities on set are completely different. It’s like the Arctic and Antarctic.”

Further detailing the difference between the late Rishi Kapoor and his son Ranbir, Karan said, “Chintu’s uncle was a very bright, boisterous, uncanny and confrontational person. Ranbir is just the opposite. Ranbir is lucky. He does Masti calmly. He is happy with himself and indifferent.” . Recalling the experience of working with Rishi Kapoor, Karan said, “I had a lot of fights with Chintu’s uncle while filming Agneepath. I don’t want to forget that whole experience with him for one moment because I cherish it so much. I really miss that aspect. He always challenges me and makes my convictions stronger.” With him, it was like arguing and fighting with your parents. And we say pagal ho gaya hai tu (I’ve gone crazy). We used to be at odds often.”

After pointing out the differences, Karan also talked about the commonalities between the two talented actors. He said, “The similarity between Ranbir’s uncle and Shinto is that they both give in to seeing the film and the film maker. They will not try to spoil it. That is the biggest quality.” He added that both Rishi and Ranbir gave him exactly what he wanted, adding, “Sometimes they gave me more than I expected. Both were big stars. But they were professionals and worked for the movie.”

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