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So Kareena Kapoor Khan appeared in her most awaited looks Karan JoharLast night’s show and from what boredom promised, it was supposed to be one episode with Bebo dropping her sass bombs. But does it live up to all the hype? The answer is no. Instead of killing it with her unparalleled zeal and candor, Kareena seems to have played it somewhat safe with most of her diplomatic responses to potential KJo questions.

make no mistake, Aamir Khan And the Kareena Kapoor Khan, who participated in Koffee With Karan to promote Laal Singh Chaddha, were in a mood together. In fact, Aamir, whom Karan and Kareena considered “boring”, was more outspoken and funny, not missing a single opportunity to take digs on the host himself. While Amer It definitely looks like he’s upped his Koffee game, Kareena, well not by much.

In fact, always outspoken Karina didn’t go the diplomatic route in her previous Koffee couch appearances, missing in action. So much so that even Karan noted that she was “too full of herself” or “too diplomatic”. And we couldn’t agree more with Karan when he said that Kareena’s rapid-fire round could easily go down as the worst in Koffee With Karan’s history. When asked what she tolerates Aamir which she will not tolerate in others, Pat her response came that it takes Aamir 100-200 days to finish a movie that Akshay Kumar will conclude in 30 days. Just when we thought things were getting better, she came back with a defense saying “forgive
Nahi, but you like to shoot a lot which is a good thing! ”

The competitive spirit of winning the coveted Koffee basket was also lost. ‘My God! Bebo said, giving up before the fun even started. She sighed again and said, “I’ve won this many times.” Go for it, Aamir. Furthermore, she had no answers to questions like, “Who is the best actor and actress today in your opinion?” and “Who wouldn’t be invited to a Ranbir Kapoor or Shahid Kapoor party?” This tour was clearly not going anywhere, so Karan also gave Kareena a chance to redeem herself and edit another question, “Name an overrated movie I’ve seen.” “I don’t want to make up. Why are you asking that question?” I resisted again.

There was a point where Aamir himself said:
The flop is Yi Hai rapid-fire convenience. Koi bhi answer nahi diya dhang se.And that was exactly what the speedy jury thought, and Aamir won the tour by a wide margin.

We wonder what happened to the feisty and competitive Kareena Kapoor. Maybe motherhood weakened her, or was it constant trolling that hit her? In fact, when Karan asked her to mention one thing she’d give her 40 plus that she would have wished she was at 25, Bebo said it was a certain amount of calm and serenity she has now.

Maybe that’s what we saw in last night’s episode. There were moments when the iconic “Poo” came into being, but it wasn’t enough.
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