Koffee With Karan Flashback: When Tabu Opened up About Nagarjuna, Called Him Very ‘Dear’

An ageless beauty, Tabu lives a happy single life in her fifties. However, she has had her share of rumors about relationships with co-stars in the film industry. During the early periods, rumors about the Tabu dating the southern star Nagarjuna were constantly rumored. Although the actress dismissed the rumors on several occasions, she addressed the speculation correctly in 2007. It all happened on Koffee With Karan when director Karan Johar asked Tabu about her dating life.

After actress Karan confirmed that she was indeed single, the director found a way to dig deeper and questioned whether or not the rumors about her dating “men who live in the southern part of the country” were true. Tapu said, “The south is a very big area, you have to tell me now because there is a lot…” While asking if she wanted it “to be specific,” Karan said she had started visiting southern states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In response to this, the Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 actress said, “Look, I’ve made movies in all languages… They’ve always been asking me questions for 15 years, so I don’t know how to answer that. What are you asking? Nagarjuna?”

Confronting Tabu, Karan said that she was the one who took the name Nagarjuna and not him. Tabu said this rumor has been going on in her life since she was 16. In addition, when Karan asked her if the rumors were true that she would move to Hyderabad, she said, “Not because of him. It is because I made a home for myself there, and because I belong to Hyderabad. But this Nagarjuna story is very old, and it keeps repeating. The media give the impression that friends can come and go, but Nagarjuna remains.” She added that Nagarjuna is “one of the closest” people in her life, and “one of the most important relationships” she has with her.

Continuing further, she revealed that her relationship with the South Indian actor is “very dear” to her and there is nothing that can change her relationship with him. “I don’t have any label for it, and I can’t do anything about it,” Tabo continued.

When Karan suggested she call it “friendship,” the actress claimed that the term was often “misused.” However, later in the fast round, Tabu gave a 9 by 10 to Nagarjuna in “Sexual Attraction”. Earlier, during one of his interviews, when Nagarjuna was questioned about Tapu, he said that his “face lights up” when someone mentions her name. The two stars have worked together in Telugu films such as Aavida Maa Aavide, Ninne Pelladata and Sisindri.

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