Janhvi Kapoor On Carrying Forward Sridevi’s Legacy: ‘She Always Stood for Dignity and Innocence ‘

Janhvi Kapoor made a huge impact with her amazing performance in her latest movie OTT Good Luck Jerry. The late Sridevi’s daughter was praised by critics and film buffs alike as she did her character. Actress Dadak, who carries on her mother’s unparalleled legacy for a long time to come, often encounters questions about her learning from Sridevi.

During a candid interaction with Ranveer God Padaia on the YouTube Podcast the Ranveer Show, the actress opened up about the many lessons her multi-faceted mother has given. She said that she inadvertently embodied Sridevi’s behaviors in her daily life. Janhvi said, “I think if it had existed, I would have been able to answer it a lot more freely but now that you haven’t, I still think that people might think it would be arrogant myself to make parallels between me and my mom. The way I walk across Corridor in the morning, I seem to walk like her. When I eat and the sounds I make are just like her. My voice seems to be very similar to hers. Apparently, I cry like her. I need like her, I suppose.”

The Ghost Stories actress added, “I work out a little bit and shut up in front of the camera like her. I think I’m as sensitive as her. I’ve always stood up for dignity and innocence. In my head, she was pretty much a beacon to someone who, after many years in the industry, was still a kid, and was He is still too naive in the ways of the world, innocent, protected. I believe that this is what made her art incorrupt, and made her incorrupt as a person.”

Shree Amma Yanger Ayyappan or more commonly known as Sridevi was an Indian film actress and producer who has worked in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada films. She has also enjoyed the title of “First Female Superstar in Hindi Cinema” due to her amazing performance in many films like Mr. India, Lamhi, Godai, Gomra and English Vinglish to name a few. Her career in Hindi cinema spanned over 50 years in a range of genres from slapstick comedies to epic dramas. She was known for her reserved and introverted personality, but she was a stubborn and outspoken person on screen, regularly playing a strong-willed and sophisticated woman. Her 300th and final film, Mom, received a posthumous National Award for Best Actress. The veteran actor passed away in February 2018 in Dubai.

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