Uorfi Javed Claims Chahatt Khanna Is Living Off Ex-Husbands’ Alimony After Latter Calls Her ‘Cheap’

Orvi Javid has captured the public’s attention with her clothing choices. The actress, who also participated in the Bigg Boss OTT, caught the eye with her unique sense of fashion. Now, in a long post, Shahat Khanna has called out to the media to make Orvi a ‘celebrity’ even though she made a ‘cheap show’. Now, Orvi replied.

In a letter to Orfi, she wrote, “At least I’m not buying followers! Also, if you were going to do your homework, you were there for an interview, and I was dressed up for an interview and it’s none of your business, you’re just jealous that even after paying the points you Don’t cover it up for you. chahattkhanna also everything anyone does on this earth is none of your business, so why didn’t you upload this story for Ranveer Singh? It shows your hypocrisy. Look I didn’t judge you for your divorce, dating younger men, so why do you judge me?”

Orvi Javid responds to Shahat Khanna's attack
Orvi Javid responds to Shahat Khanna’s attack

She continued, “So are you allowed to post pictures like this on social media for the whole world to see? Social media pe toh asli log Nahi hote na? You are jealous of my love and you are also bossy. I feel sad for your daughter. What kind of mother do they have. Sh* t…at least I make my own money I don’t live at the expense of ex-spouses! chahattkhanna I’m not coming to you to judge how much you love your life. I wonder what these aunties did against me lol.”

Orvi Javid responds to Shahat Khanna
Orvi Javid responds to Shahat Khanna
Orvi Javid claims that Shahat Khanna lives at the expense of her husbands
Orvi Javid claims that Shahat Khanna lives at the expense of her husbands

Shahat responded to this as well and wrote, “I don’t need to be a part of this drama but it is necessary to let my followers know, people talk and few of them bark a lot, but people who know me know that I worked hard to come here and make a lifestyle not an expense, Please check the records first before speaking, you never took a penny, as my divorce could easily have been targeted, abt everyone knows this.But people with class will never do it, also I don’t expect the dismissal to be from people with no class and no means Paid notification. A baki jisko jo acha lagta hai likho.. mera kya (Write what you like. What is mine).”

Shahat Khanna responds to Orphie Javid's comments
Shahat Khanna responds to Orphie Javid’s comments

The war of words continued.

Orvi replies to Shahat's message
Orvi replies to Shahat’s message

The actress, who was part of Bade Acche Lagte Hai, earlier shared a picture of Orvi and wrote, “Who’s wearing this? And in the streets? I mean anyone takes off their clothes and the media makes them celebrities? Is the Indian media so weak? It’s easy to buy this publicity and media.” Cheap, that cheap show you’re going to promote to our generation. Anyone would pay to find it out and do anything or even undress and you’d get carried away? That’s sad and obnoxious!! God bless you with some wisdom.”

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